Disney: The Magic of Animation

Walt Disney Animation Studios has enchanted generations with stories and moving images. Discover the magic of animation and explore the creative science and skills behind bringing some of the the world's most cherished characters to life.

Learn about the innovations and technologies behind the films of Walt Disney Animation Studios and follow the production process from the pencil to the screen. Discover how processes have evolved over time, from world firsts such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) - the first  feature-length, Technicolor, animated film - to recent blockbusters such as Raya and the Last Dragon (2021) and the studio's latest hit film Encanto (2021).

School and Group Visitors - book your group visit 

Bookings are now open for schools and organised groups. Please book your class or organised group visit today. 

$12 per student. 

Schools experiencing socio-educational disadvantage (ICSEA<1000) will be able to book discounted tickets. If you do feel your school qualifies please note this on the booking form and our Booking Officer will be in contact.

Bookings are essential for all group visits. By booking, you're eligible for discounted tickets. Groups are identified as 10 or more ticketed patrons, from an identified organisation coordinating a visit at the one time. Schools and organised groups are defined as groups from learning institutions or networks, Kindergarten/Childcare, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Adult Education. This includes OSHC, Homeschool networks and Community groups such as Scouts and Guides.

Teacher Preview

We offer FREE entry for Queensland teachers to familiarise yourself with the exhibition when evaluating or planning an excursion with your class. Please email us to arrange your free teacher preview.

Bookings are essential. Entry prices apply for accompanying family members and guests.

Family Visitors

Sensory days will be scheduled for visiting families who may enjoy a modified environment for those with differing abilities or sensitivities.

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Adult Visitors

If you are not a school or organised group, online bookings are essential for all other group visits (ie social or community groups). By booking online, you're eligible for discounted tickets. Groups are identified as 5 or more ticketed patrons coordinating a visit at the one time. Book your group visit today. 

For information about getting here, accessibility and more please see the Visiting tab above.

Exhibition Maps

Download the exhibition floor plan to explore the themes and spaces of Disney: The Magic of Animation, or download the sensory friendly map.

View the Queensland Museum map to help plan your visit.

For directions and assistance during your museum visit, please ask our Visitor Experience staff or volunteers.

Costumes and Cosplay

Visitors who wish to attend the exhibition in costume will need to abide by the following guidelines:


  • Costumes must fit through a single doorway (less than 2040mm tall x 820mm wide)
  • Footwear must be worn at all times
  • Costumes cannot include: pyrotechnics, fire, smoke, steam, fog, helium balloons, etc. and are subject to Queensland Museum building policies
  • No nudity, lewd, or offensive costumes
  • No full of partial body paint in place of clothing
  • No concealing face and head wear. Photo identification may be required for quests with face paint, prosthetics, or masks

Costume weapons

  • Functional weapons are strictly prohibited
  • Costume weapons must be inspected at the cloakroom before entry and may be asked to leave at the cloakroom for the duration of visit
  • Projectile costume weapons must be rendered inoperable
  • Costume swords must be tied to the costume so that they cannot be drawn
  • Individuals not willing to have their costume weapons inspected or are not willing to comply with the above guidelines, will be asked to leave the premises